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Electroluminescent wire

Electroluminiscent wire

The EL wire will bring a surprising lighting effect to your parties.
You can bend it up to 5 times his diameter.
EL wire electronic (inverter) can be powered on main source or batteries
It means the system can be permanently set up or portable if needed.
You can stretch the wire to a certain point depending on his diameter: 0,9 mm/0,4 Kg; 1,4mm/0,8 Kg;
3,2 mm/1Kg; 4mm/1,2Kg; 5mm/1,6Kg. You can twist the wire up to 30 °.
This EL lighting gives endless possibilities for your night lighting atmosphere.

How does it work?
EL wire is composed of a solid-copper wire core. This core is coated with a phosphor. A very fine wire
is spiral wound around the phosphor coated copper core. This fine wire is electrically isolated from the
copper core. Surrounding is a clear PVC sleeve. Finally, surrounding this thin clear PVC sleeve is a
colored translucent PVC sleeve. An electric potential is applied between the copper core wire and the
fine wire that surrounds the phosphor coated copper core. This power excites the phosphor which
emits light. The external coloured translucent PVC gives the final colour of the lighting.