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Light Emotions glow products are unique in the glow in the dark market.

All of our Light Emotions products can be customized. They could either be printed or engraved or customized with stickers.

We recommend stickers for small quantities up to 1000 products. The sticker offers you a customization for small quantities with your exact logo in an impressive quality.

For higher quantities, we will recommend the printing technology.

We are fully equipped with those two technologies and will be happy to make the perfect product to match your demand. There are many ways that we can make a special product for you. This customized glow product will add value to your brand. It will promote it and will bring more interest from your customers.

For unique effect you can opt for engraving technology, it will just make the most of the effect by lighting the glass where the engraving pattern is located.

For more details about customization please call Light Emotions or one of our distributors.