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Glow torch
Glow torch The luminous torch lights up when you tap at the end and stops lighting when you tap at the opposite end. The torch is secured with a thread which should completely be pulled off before the first use. It prevents the torch from switching on accidentally during transportation.

The battery will provide a minimum guaranteed life expectancy of six hours of light in constant use. The torches can be switched on and off as many times as wished as long as the six hours of light have not been reached. The glow torch is available equipped with a red, yellow, orange, green, blue, white or pink colour. This product is patented by Light Emotions.

The torch provides a compartment on the back closed with a cap. You can use this compartment to place a brochure, a sample, a gift or even some sweets, as the plastic is totally food compliant. The torch can be easily personalised using different technologies, visit our “customisation” page for more details.

The 30 cm luminous torch will light up the ski slopes at night, your garden during a party or guide you throughout the Halloween night.
Glow torch